Dumb Female Baby Killers


Dumb female baby killers, when will you learn?

"It's my body," you say.

No, it is NOT your body. It is NOT man's body.

It is nature's body.

It is the female body's nature to hit puberty and begin the menstrual cycle.

It is the female body's nature to become pregnant after sex.

It is the female body's nature to grow old and lose it's eggs.

It is the female body's nature to lose estrogen and gain menopause.

Mess with nature and suffer the consequences.

Suffer infertility after years of preventing fertility to take place.

Suffer irregular spotting when you finally decide to allow the nature of your body to cleanse itself through bleeding each month instead of taking pills to block it.

Suffer potential cancer while taking estrogen to get back what the nature of your body will no longer produce.

Suffer suffer suffer in the end for your foolishness and inability to embrace the nature of things and how it was meant to be.


The End...



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