Gay Couple on "Newlyweds: The First Year" Soooo extra.....


Ok, so i recently got into this cute reality show called "Newlyweds: The First Year" airing on Bravo which follows the lives of newly married couples after their weddings. And I gotta say that gay couple, two males, are soooooo extra! They unnecessarily rub their love all over the place! From scenes of them making out shirtless in bed to scenes of them kissing and making out in the bath tub, WHY?!  None of the heterosexual couples have scenes this graphic why must they? What agenda is Bravo trying to push by shoving borderline gay porn in their prime-time audience's faces? It's ridiculous! I do not support gay rights blah blah blah, but I am not homophobic and I love the show. But I cannot stand how much it seems they are trying to show every graphic scene they can with the gay couple instead of being as moderate and as they are with the straight couples. Distasteful! And soooo extra! I wonder if Andy Cohen does the video editing?


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