Interracial CHEERIOS


OK, so there has been a backlash of racist comments made over this Cheerio commercial featuring a black father, a white mother and their mixed child. Many are racists and of course they will have their hatred spewing from their lips. But my disdain does NOT come from a racist heart. I PERSONALLY am tired of seeing interracial relationships always MOST OF THE TIME in the media portrayed as a BLACK MAN and WHITE WOMAN. Why not a white man and black woman? Why not a Hispanic man and Chinese woman? Why not a white man and Indian woman? Black men and white women ARE NOT the only types of interracial relationships out there YET this type gets all the spotlight in "cutting edge" or "forward thinking" media, news, etc...FOR THAT REASON do I not care for this commercial. There's also the fact that according to statistics, if you believe them, the prison population is made mostly of BLACK MEN and most single parent households belong to black women. If this is true, then doesn't there NEED to be a positive portrayal of a black man who is not in prison but at home with his BLACK family? Wouldn't it benefit the black community which apparently so desperately needs it?


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