MARILYN manson

IS THE LAST person Paris Jackson needs to see. This poor girl has been dealt a heavy blow in life ever since her father, the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, died 4 years ago. With his death anniversary coming up, Paris is surely feeling the pain all over again. And with there being no closure because of the constant legal battles and law suits going on concerning MJs estate, will she ever know peace? She needs to move on from his death and family drama. She seems to want to rebel and embrace a dark/goth teenage phase and this is something that plenty teens do and they get over it. But the ones who don't end up dead. To go to a Manson concert will only allow her to fully embrace the darkness she feels and maybe she will not escape. No, she needs to go towards the light. Find other activities, friends, family she can trust and positive outlets for the suffocation she is probably feeling. Marilyn Manson only promotes those feelings. She will find no escape from her demons with him. These are my thoughts...

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  1. mister-sandman

    And why is that? Manson has had a positive influence in my life and has gotten me through a lot of shit.

    June 06, 2013
    1. truth-untamed

      See above..what are the chances it will be the same for her?

      June 07, 2013
    2. truth-untamed


      June 07, 2013
  2. alexanderakeroyd

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    December 06, 2016